Behind the Song: Ethereal Convention – Narrowly Avoiding a Car Crash

I was driving 45 mph on the busy street when a woman pulled out in front of me.  I slammed on my brakes, narrowly missing T-boning her car.  Here’s the weird part: I knew this event was going to happen hours beforehand.

It was just another day of teaching piano lessons, except for the fact that I knew that something big was going to happen in my life.  It was an intuition.  The space in which I existed felt different.  I felt the urge to prepare myself.  I kept imagining a car crash.  Something inside me told me to be vigilant, to BE PREPARED.  That day, I decided I would be extra careful as I drove from lesson to lesson.

We are grounded human beings with limitations.  We become complacent to run the same track we’ve tread for so long.  But underneath our routines and self-inflicted boundaries, we long to have a connection with the heavenly wave lengths just beyond our grasp of understanding.  Once in a while, an event happens that wakes us up.  That says, Yes! we are more than just a body running a course.  We are spiritual beings with a connection to a greater source!

My spiritual intuition saved me and the other driver from physical injury, damage to our cars, and possibly even our lives.  After avoiding the crash, relief obviously overwhelmed me.  Then, disbelief that my intuition actually became a reality.  There was no logical reason for me to know that this was going to happen.  I surpassed the laws of space and time dictating the order of events.  I was allowed passage into information that was not rightfully mine to know, at least according to the idea of linear thought.

I wrote “Ethereal Convention” six years ago.  It’s a song about longing to have a connection to the ethereal – a transcendence where space and time don’t follow the same rules with which we are familiar.  It’s a song about feeling the burden of our limited scope as humans, and it’s about getting a glimpse into this spiritual ecstasy or, as I refer to it in my song, a glimpse into the “ethereal convention.”  After my intuition experience, this song has taken on a much deeper meaning.  There’s a place for all of us at the ethereal convention.  We get small glimpses of it every once in a while.  And when that does happen, “the certainty’s serene, somewhat sobering, but mostly somewhere in between.”


20 thoughts on “Behind the Song: Ethereal Convention – Narrowly Avoiding a Car Crash

  1. Hi there thanks for dropping by my page , I am so knocked out by your song, it really got to me. I can agree with everything you say I do believe that sometimes we are pre-warned it is up to us to take heed! Be well and be happy and visit when ever you wish.xx

  2. This is absolutely profound. I love it. I am so astounded. Amazing song, amazing voice, amazing writer. I consider it a privilege to have been able to experience it,. Thank you

  3. This is a really beautiful song! So glad you let me know about it. There’s definitely a lot of uncertainty out there, and these moments of intuition are definitely surreal (and amazing all the same). I look forward to checking out your blog!

  4. Hi Rae, I’m so happy to see this blog develop! Thank you for visiting, too. It reminds me to start “following” your blog. Great song and great story. Thank goodness everyone is all right. I hope you get to start touring soon!

    • Oh, thank you for following my blog! I’m working on that touring thing – it takes a good bit of grassroots effort (like blogging!!), but I’m working at it 🙂

      • Well, you’re a wonderful artist with a passionate heart. Your “heart” work will definitely pay off. I re-listened to the song Watercolor and it’s so beautiful! I liked this song, too! I feel like your guitar playing is really sharp and tight As always, good luck with everything and I’ll be sure to see you when you update. 🙂

      • Hi Rae, I didn’t see a contact’s page on here, so I figured I could ask you here. I’m starting a new interviewing project that I’ll spotlight on my blog soon. It’s been something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I was wondering if you would be interested in being interviewed by me (via email). You probably don’t have time, but I figured I’d ask. This project is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and it may help with spreading the word about you and your beautiful music.

      • Hi Connie, I would absolutely love to do an interview for your blog!! My email is And…I should put a contact page on my blog site – thanks for bringing it to my attention! Looking forward to hearing from you…

  5. Your voice is wonderful! And the song is very reflective and soothing 🙂
    That experience must have been fantastic; it must appear like a gift your were given… If only these things could happen more often, so that we can feel our link to the the whole “Creation”, our intrinsic spirtual being.
    May you always keep your extraordinary intuition!

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