Interview with singer, songwriter, musician and composer Rae Hering

Thank you to Connie Wang for interviewing me for her blog, the portfolio – in progress!

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the portfolio - in progress

Rae Hering, who is based in Nashville Tennessee, is an exceptionally gifted artist.  At first listen, you’ll think that you’ll have heard her before with her sweet, sultry voice.  She will impress you with her smooth piano and guitar playing.  With an album already under her belt, Rae is only just beginning.  She writes in her WordPress blog titled, “Shy Gemini,” which she uses to share her music and post stories behind her songs, as well as, glimpses of her life.  She is a gemini, however, she is far from shy when it comes to her passion for music.  Early on, Rae exhibited musical skills that surpassed her peers, which lead her to work closely with one of her life mentors.  There are many artists out there who don’t hold a truth and honesty that Rae exudes in her work, songs and performance.

The music that Rae Hering…

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