Moving and Moving On

A little over a year ago I was living in an apartment with three other girls.  It was…exactly how you might imagine it would be.  Anyhow, Jonathan, my boyfriend at the time (now fiancé!) told me I would love having my own place.  I didn’t know what he was talking about until I felt it for myself.  Just me and Simon the cat, in our own little spot…


Photo by Jonathan Morse (


Photo by Jonathan Morse

I began my journey into my new place with a massive 5 week, yard sale-ing extravaganza.  Not everyone’s first choice for finding home decor, but for me there was nothing better.  I happened upon this original painting called “Trois Bijoux” by artist Karen Dupre.  Struck by my obvious resemblance to the middle woman, this painting became, over time, the heartbeat of my apartment.  I imagined the woman on the left as my younger, more naive self.  The woman on the right represents the older and wiser self to come.  Here I am now, somewhere in between the two…

I believe that emotional and physical change happen concurrently.  In my case, each time I’ve moved residences has signaled a bigger, deeper change in my life.  Change is, after all, movement. In tai chi philosophy, movement arises from the interaction of two forces, yin-yang.  Yin is internal energy, yang is external energy.  It would make sense that when your heart is moving on, your physical self needs to move with it.


Photo by Jonathan Morse


Photo by Jonathan Morse

For me, having an apartment to myself allowed me the creative space I desperately needed.  As a result, I grew a lot as a musician and writer.



Photo by Jonathan Morse

It was my place for uninterrupted work and a refuge for relaxation.  Also, I have to admit that I LOVE having my things exactly, particularly where and how I want them (can anyone relate??)  Hey, there’s a time and place for reveling in guilty pleasures.


Photo by Jonathan Morse

Now, I’m moving from being a single lady in my one bedroom apartment to planning a wedding for next May and moving in with my fiancé.  I took these photos as a way of looking back on the phase of life I’m leaving behind.  My first, and now only apartment I will ever have all to myself…

It was glorious.

Goodbye, beautiful apartment.


Photo by Jonathan Morse (


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