“I’m Beside Myself!” – Simon the Cat

Now that’s one big Fur Ball! (on the left and the right!)

I'm Beside Myself

“I’m beside myself!” – Simon the Cat.

Owning a Persian cat is as rewarding as it is hard work.  After brushing Simon every day (mostly two times a day) for about a year now, the fur has piled up!

I got inspired to save it when I saw this blog post on people making clothing items from their pet’s fur – check it out to see beautiful pictures of owners (wearing their pets’ fur pieces) standing alongside their pets.

Now, when I’ve told people about this trend, I get a range of reactions from my friends thinking it’s cool, too gross, or just weird.  Um….can you explain what’s weird about making yarn out of fur??

Anyhow, I’m gonna do it!  I might need to keep collecting, but I’ll make sure to update you when my creation is complete!


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About Rae Hering

Pop and jazz styles come together in Rae Hering’s fresh musical sound. With her sophisticated melodic sense and eclectic songwriting style, this multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter creates intelligent music that ranges from playful to melancholy to funky.

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10 thoughts on ““I’m Beside Myself!” – Simon the Cat

  1. well I love the cat….. the jury is out on clothes from their fur is concerned , mainly because of fleas! But we use sheep goats and rabbits why not cats and dogs…………….. you will have to inspire me!! 😉

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