New Record “The Shy Gemini Sessions” Coming Soon!


Here's me playing the Wurlitzer with my co-producer/engineer/friend Bobby Holland.

Playing the Wurlitzer with my co-producer/engineer/friend Bobby Holland at South Street Studios on Music Row.

I think it’s about time (actually past time) to tell you all about my upcoming record, “The Shy Gemini Sessions” (name sound familiar to anyone?).  Regrettably I’ve been neglecting my blogging lately because I’ve been so busy recording this project.  What I should have been doing is blogging about the project all along – but what’s done is done, and I’m here now to tell you all about it!

“The Shy Gemini Sessions” consists of seven songs recorded in two ways (what else would you expect from a Gemini?)  Side A features a full production approach; fleshed out with strings, Wurlitzer and accordion to name a few, it soars with all the pump of a full band.  Side B showcases the same songs in their stripped-down essential form, highlighting the space where voice and instrument are simply together as one entity.

A view of the room at Desitiny Studios in Nashville, TN.

A view of the room at Desitiny Studios in Nashville, TN.

The “Gemini” aspect of the project is pretty straight-forward – as a Gemini I am expressing my twin/dual nature through the two incarnations of the same songs.  But why “Shy?”  Well, the reason I call myself “The Shy Gemini” is because, although Gemini’s are often out-going and bubbly (and I think that holds true for myself), I am protective and non-transparent about certain aspects of my life.

Some people may not think of this as being Shy, but when I go to look it up in the dictionary, the first definition I see is “being reserved.”  I think everyone, to one degree or another is reserved about showing the vulnerable parts of them.  Having this blog and recording this album is my way to move past that Shyness.

In the vocal booth at Destiny Studios in Nashville, TN.

In the vocal booth at Destiny Studios in Nashville, TN.

The songs on “The Shy Gemini Sessions” are written rom the most intimate and honest place I’ve been able to reach yet.  The song “Infinity” (I’ve posted a rough mix on this blog for you to give a listen – download is coming soon!) is about facing the fear of going deep into relationship with my fiancé, Jonathan.  It’s not a comfortable place being exposed and vulnerable like that.  I am still fighting the hesitancy that fear creates, but life is not about conquering fear, it is about facing its continual presence.

Sex is not what moves us closer, it’s the mirror in which we see ourselves closer.  It intensifies the intimacy we have cultivated in our daily relationship.  Though being seen so fully by another person is scary, I plunge deeper, embracing that “we are unfinished.” This is a small beginning to understanding the unending depths of intimacy.

P.S. – Anyone have any association with the car company Infiniti?  If so please contact me at:  I am interested in creating an alignment with their campaign.


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20 thoughts on “New Record “The Shy Gemini Sessions” Coming Soon!

  1. Sounds awesome!
    Also, I wasn’t sure where to slap this, but I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! I really enjoy your music and that you share the experience of you art and its creation with us. I think you’re totally deserving of the honor.
 For more info, check out this page on my blog:

    You don’t have to display the award if you don’t want to. However, whatever you decide, I wanted you to know that I appreciate the art you create and share.


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