First Annual 2014 “Simon the Cat Calendar”

I’ll go ahead and admit that I’ve been thinking about making a Simon the Cat calendar ALL YEAR LONG! 🙂  Call me obsessed, Crazy Cat Lady, go ahead – both are kind of true.

I wasn’t sure I would fulfill this creative inkling, but I got really got motivated to do it thinking about what great stocking stuffers these calendars will make for my friends and family who all love Simon as much as I do!

Now, given the nature of this particular creative medium (i.e.: the calendar), this project has a high propensity to be an annual one 🙂  For this first edition, I’ve pretty much selected my favorite photos from the five wonderful years I’ve had the honor of being Simon’s friend.  Who knows what’s to come for 2015….Enjoy!

P.S. – If you can’t get enough of Simon the Cat, and also have a dire need to keep track of your schedule, you can order your very own 2014 Simon the Cat calendar for $20 + shipping (though the $ amount may lessen with the quantity of orders).  Email me at: if you’re interested!

Simon Calendar Cover
Simon Calendar Jan.
Simon Calendar Feb.
Simon Calendar March
Simon Calendar April
Simon Calendar May
Simon Calendar June
Simon Calendar July
Simon Calendar Aug.
Simon Calendar Aug.
Simon Calendar Sept.
Simon Calendar Nov.
Simon Calendar Dec.

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Although Rae Hering calls herself Alternative Pop, she continues to be a genre enigma.  With her sophisticated melodic sense and eclectic songwriting style, this multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter creates intelligent music that ranges from playful to melancholy to funky.

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