Behind the Song: Wordless Words (a Special Valentine’s Video)

An Out of Order Love Song

I wrote “Wordless Words” around the same time I met my now-fiance Jonathan.  At the time, if you had asked me whom this song was about, I would have flat out denied that it  was about him!!  Thinking back on it now, I believe our relationship did influence this song, though I wasn’t able or ready to put that into words…

Jonathan and I goofing around...

Jonathan and I goofing around…

Love Makes You Tongue-Tied (or Tongue Tired)

As bloggers, we LOVE words (and aren’t they wonderful? what a paradisiacal playground!) But in “Wordless Words,” I attempt to get at the heart of a certain feeling when there are no words.  I feel that there’s a point where words inevitably fail us, where definition goes only so far, and the only way to express our deepest emotion is through things that require no words at all…

The Love of My Life

Music-enables-us-to 2I love music because it communicates on a different level than words.  When words are paired with music, the music takes those words to a higher emotional level.  I believe that whether we’re listening to music or making music, it enables us to connect to emotions that are not normally accessible through words alone.  It’s what made teenage girls scream for The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, it’s what gives us the chills when we hear those moody high notes in Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah,” and what makes us smile and dance when we hear the infectious tune by Pharrell Williams, “Happy.”

How do you use wordless words in your life?


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About Rae Hering

Although Rae Hering calls herself Alternative Pop, she continues to be a genre enigma.  With her sophisticated melodic sense and eclectic songwriting style, this multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter creates intelligent music that ranges from playful to melancholy to funky.

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11 thoughts on “Behind the Song: Wordless Words (a Special Valentine’s Video)

  1. keep on doing what you love:-) living your passion. Many moons ago I was a modern dancer before I had my kids. I was a wordless artist at that time, but I was a mover. I studied modern dance ( classical ballet from my youth) + I went to study with Eric Hawkins in the late 80’s and I was clicking with his movement style, but something he said to me a that time in my life changed my direction. I was married in my early 20’s and he was talking one night about “art to a room of us dancers….he said,” If this is not your first love, then don’t do it”….I thought at the time, “damn, it is not my first love.” I have talent for it, but it is not my first love.”…..I left that night and changed my life….I worked with two women for years traveling through schools with the arts council and it was their “first love” it never was my first love. I liked doing it, and I had natural talent…I loved it before that time, but I wanted something different for my life…..I could breath without it….
    you sing from your soul + you can see it in your clip above…it is your first love…..I knew I was good enough to make it, but it never would of made me happy. I trained other dancers for years and went on and had a family + into other art forms, but it is good you know it is the “love of your life”…

    • Wow, I can imagine it was a tough yet relieving decision you made that night. I see on your blog that you have a garden/nature-centered community – is this your “first love?” Or, is it not so boxed in and perfectly defined? Because, I think having that kind of path is perfectly OK, too. Just curious…

      • Well, to be honest I am a gemini too, so you know how we are two people-lol I find being a creative soul is not defined by one medium/form of expression…it can transfer to other areas…I went back to college and picked up my graduate degree in education and studied “creativity” which led to workshops with parents and how to nurture it with children…that was my second career, and now I am exploring this new phase of my last kid left home, so I have a new part of my life to is a journey…I could never see myself being just one thing, but on the other hand my other dance friends live-eat-breath dance 24/7 for 30 yrs…they would die to leave it behind…that is what I meant I can breath without it…. I loved moving and creating , but I did not need it to breath…they did, so we have to do what is right for us…
        I feel I took my creativity and just expressed it in different places. If you believe in Howard Gardner’s intelligences, as I do I was a”visual-spatial”, and “body-Kinesthetic” learner, so it came naturally to me. Since his first book he has identified a new one called “naturalistic which has always been a part of me. Yes, when I was younger I loved nature + why I fell in love with modern dance since it was a rebellion against ballet. We danced in bare feet + outside! Loved it and it was before all these performing arts schools that spit out technicians…..I sometimes miss seeing the soul in an artist, but when an artist does move/sing/paint/create from the soul..they stand out! You can’t teach that:-)

      • Oh, I definitely agree that artistic expression can not be taught and I identify when you say that performing arts schools spit out technicians. There is a tension between creation and academics. Going to music school, I went through a jazz-based program learning formulas for what Miles Davis just simply felt. It’s not a bad thing to study what you love, but the artist needs to know how use the information they’ve gained and how to ignore it when it’s getting in the way of art!

  2. hi Rae, i wanted to visit a bit to ty for liking my recent poetry / artwork offering and your follow, encouragement is always really appreciated. i have been listening to your songs nonstop since yesterday, your music is simply amazing. i hear such clear eyed innocence in your voice, and the breadth of emotions you convey in your lyrics and song writing is creative inspiration for a restless mind like mine..

    my long time partner is a singer among her other talents, and she talks about the ‘hum’ she feels when she sings harmonies with other singers, i kept asking her to explain it better when she first told me years ago about this phenomenon, and i came to the conclusion that there is no way to really describe it…you have to feel it. the wordless behind the words….the essence of creativity.

    • Oh, that’s an absolutely beautiful interpretation of the “wordless words” concept. I’ve never thought about it that way! There is definitely a vibe when you lock into a harmony, rhythm or groove. It has everything to do with the unspoken energy passed between those involved. Thank you for that thought!

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