A Health Tip You Would Have Never Considered – But You Should


I’ve always been told to never, ever skip a meal – especially breakfast!  I’ve even believed that if I go more than 5 hours without eating, my body will go into starvation mode and conserve fat (check: false).  So what if I told you that NOT eating could actually be very healthy for you?

The idea is to fast.  There’s lot’s of ways to go about fasting, but the method I’m excited about and am in the middle of trying is the 5:2 fast – 5 days of regular eating, 2 days of fasting, where you consume 500-600 calories.

Obviously, you’ll loose weight taking in less calories in a week (hip hip hooray!), but the real good stuff is that fasting is linked to longevity and overall health.

Here’s a snippet from Michael Mosley’s documentary Eat, Fast and Live Longer:



7 thoughts on “A Health Tip You Would Have Never Considered – But You Should

  1. It is interesting you posted this not long after I finished reading the book of Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer of “The fast diet” which is exactly the same principle. I just found it hard to restrict myself for two days & the “do what I want” principle after which was sort of giving the green light to overeat but that’s me, I can understand this to be a very good system for others…

    • Exactly, food is not a one-size-fits-all topic and it won’t be good for everyone. For me, my experience has been that it’s actually difficult to binge eat on my regular days! Maybe my stomach is shrinking? 🙂

      • That is the classical reaction which I wish I could’ve had but never came…
        Apparently people feel their appetite diminishing including my sister’s.
        As you say, it’s not a fit-all 🙂

      • not healthy fasting. so i’m excited to learn how to do it properly. i’ve been off meat for a month but have incorporated fish into my diet. don’t think i will eat any other meat since the smell of beef and chicken now has put me off, i find now that i have fish in my diet, i eat far less eggs, which i ate so many when i was meatless. my body knows when its lacking something and it compensates without me knowing. curious.

        and oh, since i’m talking about change, i would totally love to do a song collaboration with you. no probs if you say no. but your voice and music is so beautiful, i know i can write some amazing lyrics with you. just mull it over. no pressure. no harm in asking right?

      • Hey Rida! Sorry for the delayed response – I was out of town this weekend and then the whole schedule gets thrown off! Would you mind sending me your email here or to raehering@yahoo.com? Just have a couple things I want to ask about songwriting!

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